Wednesday, August 03, 2005


I apologize for the paucity of posts of late. One of the things I think is essential in blogging, is regular updates, or at least something bordering on the semi-regular variety. Having said that however, I also recognize that having content merely for the sake of saying, “hey, I’ve updated my blog” rings hollow very quickly.

I find that much of what I’m focused on of late is very local, personal and close to home. Hence, I’ve been more diligent and faithful at updating my content at my WriteforYou site of late. I like the Greymatter platform for pictures much better, although I’ve not really utilized that feature in Blogger.

Ultimately, my time has been divided, between the book, baseball responsibilities to the Twilight League, as well as having more responsibilities on the part-time job front. Needless to say, my creative energy that I’ve often focused on this blog has been flagging for much of the summer.

There are days when I look at my investment of time that I have in When Towns Had Teams and the work I’ve put into trying to get RiverVision Press off the ground and I question my vision and even my sanity. Having to do every aspect save a few is overwhelming and often leaves me discouraged and exhausted at the end of each day. I find that my interpersonal relationships have suffered due to the stress, as well as being unable to enjoy many things that at one time gave me pleasure.

With the end of my own team’s season in the Twilight League (my club failed to qualify for the playoffs), I’ll have a bit more time than I’ve had since May. I also have been able to finalize the fundraising yearbook that I had dumped in my lap, which required selling ads, bartering my writing services with a designer for layout, as well as having to secure a printer at rock-bottom rates. It has been a crazy summer up to this point.

I honestly don’t see myself devoting as much focus and energy to Words Matter for at least another three to four weeks. With final edits, layout and then, marketing When Towns Had Teams, my energies are once again going to be taxed over the next few weeks.

I wanted to end on a positive note, as the overall tone of this post has been more negative than I originally intended. Yesterday, I went to my PO Box in Freeport, where I have my box for RiverVision Press. I pulled out 11 orders for my book! I’ve had a steady stream of people pre-ordering the book via mail order, or online at the site. Needless to say, these orders encourage me, validate what I’m doing and give me some hope. I still have a tough row to hoe in generating enough of a buzz about the book to at least break even and dare I say it, make a slight profit. Once the edits are done and it goes to the printer, then I’ll have to ramp up the PR machine and see what I can do in the way of a media onslaught.


Joe said...

The Blogs will (help) get the word out, my friend!

weasel said...

Indeed we will; did you see Listmaker's entry today?

We understand the paucity: to paraphrase Manny Ramirez, "Its Jim being Jimmy, man".

Can't wait to read this dang thing...

Jim said...

You guys are great. From Listmaker's awesome mix tape in the mail, the props all over the blogosphere and Joe's admonition (not to mention a nice call today), I'm feeling the love!

Not because I wrote it, but because of the great subject matter, I think folks are really going to enjoy When Towns Had Teams.

weasel said...

I think Listo and his consort Youthlarge caught "Pine Tree State Scratch Fever" this past weekend while in the Forest City and Bath....

So the CD arrived already? Jesus. God bless the USPS. Whens the official book launch? We need to go drinking. Also; as much as you distrust MLB I think you will enjoy this; Mrs. W comes home the other night and says "you know the difficulty you have had getting Red Sox tickets/ My friend A*** can get us as many as we want for any game we choose"

Knowing that A*** is a filmaker with contacts in TV I say
"Does A*** have a contact at Fenway or NESN?"

Quoth the Mrs. W: "Nah- she has a cousin who is a scalper"

Boston- tschhhh.