Saturday, August 13, 2005

I want a president!

If anyone with half a brain (even one tied tied behind their back) needed any more evidence that we no longer have a president, but an emperor, the Cindy Sheehan protest in Crawford should just about seal it.

Rather than express himself as a human being, and meet with a mother who has legitimate issues regarding the war in Iraq, the emperor (formerly known as president) chose to issue statements in the press.

The real kicker was yesterday, when the Emperor's motorcade drove by the growing group of protestors on their way to a fundraiser. It's as if the president is incapable of seeing the Cindy Sheehans of this country.

I fully recognize that I no longer live in a democracy (yes, save your t-crossing and i-dotting for someone else; I know we technically don't live in one) and that all of the rhetoric and blathering about freedom and liberty is much ado and hot air about nothing.

Only my Monday deadline for getting my book to the printer prevents me from giving this story with legs the time it deserves.

Look for something at some point next week, as I'll have more to say about Bush, the right-wing, and political pandering that is beyond the pale.


weasel said...

Cindy Sheehan- odd how her grief is "political" while Terry Shaivo's parents situation was a "tragedy".

Jim said...

Yes; one person's tragedy is another's political gain.