Monday, August 08, 2005

Dad's new musical upgrade

For the past year, I’ve had to forego listening to music on my fifteen-year-old stereo system, in lieu of a crappy $100 boom box. The reason? My original Boston Acoustics speakers were blown—both woofers need to be reconed. I looked into having it done about six months ago and the cost would have been about what a pair of medium level speakers might be.

I’ve been convincing myself that when I finally made a little money, I’d buy a decent pair of speakers. My stereo, given as a surprise gift by my wife, almost two decades ago, is still in top-notch shape. With a Harmon Kardon receiver, decent Sony cassette deck, Sony CD changer (purchased at Marden’s, btw) and yes, my fave piece of audio gear, my trusty Technics turntable, for when I get the urge to spin some vinyl.

Needless to say, I periodically find myself jonesing to crank up the sound system in a way that a boom box just won’t do justice.

Sunday, my 21-year-old son comes down to the living room with a large box under each arm. I was spending yet another morning frantically trying to get my manuscript formatted and not having much fun at it. Stopping to see what the heck Mark had dragged into the room, I realized they were speaker boxes. Recognizing that his pathetic father wouldn’t break down and spend the cash for some speakers, he had returned an ill-functioning iPod, taken the cash, kicked in some of his Good Humor Ice Cream Truck cashish from his summer route and made his Dad a very happy man!

Despite my protestations that he shouldn’t have done this, he was insistent that it was the least he could do. Apparently, he felt that it was a small gesture for whatever it is that I do as a father. I’m still in shock today. Just now, I’m listening to my Rory Gallagher album, Calling Card, on my turntable, marveling at the crisp clear and bass heavy sound coming from my new Infinity speakers.

While the stress of my final push towards getting When Towns Had Teams printed hasn’t abated, today, it was at least tolerable, finally being able to hear music as it should sound.

Thanks, Mark!


Dottie said...

We are truly blessed with the sons we have. It is a very good day when what goes around comes around.It is times like these that your heart swells. Know that you and Mary have done a good job.

Jim said...

Thanks for stopping by.

I do feel very fortunate (blessed) to see the type of person that Mark has become.

Both Mary and I have always given the gift of time to Mark, in a variety of ways. I know that you and Mike have done the same, not just with Michael, but with your three daughters, also. Having said that, it doesn't always guarantee the desired result. I could embellish what I see as essentials for any young parents with children, as to what's important. It was never materialistic pursuits, that's for sure.

I'd love to write a book at some point about what family values are. Not that I'm an expert, but I recognize those families that have done things right (like your family).

As crazy as this summer has been, I've really enjoyed having Mark home and being able to coach him one last season.