Saturday, January 22, 2005

The sound of the planet dying

It's Saturday night and the snowstorm that's been bearing down on the Northeast for most of the day has apparently arrived. After a couple of glasses of wine, I'm in a perfectly maudlin mindset to reflect upon the state of the country, and I guess, the world.

Earlier today, I read Rick Perlstein's article, "The Eve of Destruction". The Barry McGuire version, with Barry's gravelly voice keeps ringing in my head as I consider some of Perlstein's thoughts from earlier.

The proverbial "inmates are running the asylum" comes to mind as I reflect back on the week. Seeing the Napoleanic strutting of Bush and his henchman, against the backdrop of DC police pepper spraying those brave enough to stand up to the empire, hasn't left me terribly optimistic. There was an armed presence unlike anything we've ever witnessed in our lifetimes at an inaugural, protecting an elected official from the masses, and we don't bat an eyelash in protest. Realizing that when someone who ordinarily would be considered ready for the men in the white coats, is a trusted friend and supporter of the White House, is a clear indication that something is terribly amiss in our land. We have an Attorney General who has no concern for international rules of law and advocates torture. Our President, who was AWOL for most of the prior seven months before the events of 9-11, is thought of by half of the country as our savior from terror and worthy of another term. We sit in front of our TV sets and see a woman who looks like she's received a lobotomy, wearing a dress that cost $10,000 or more (?), and we laud her as someone worthy of honor, shows how far we've fallen. (see # 40)

You see, if you read Perlstein's article closely, everything that the Bush administration does is part of a closely calculated plan to destroy the American way of life that has been part and parcel of our heritage since the end of the Second World War. Social Security, progressive taxation, our educational system, all are being dismantled as part of the Bush vision of an "ownnership society".

Adding to this dystopian scenario is the damocles sword of another terrorist attack upon our country and the ratcheting down of a police state that would make the reality of totalitarian rule complete.

I don't know whether I'm being alarmist or prophetic. All I know is that things don't look too good for liberty and freedom for you and I, despite what our fearless leader babbled on about during his sermon on coronation day.


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ChefDunn said...

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Jim said...

I'm so touched that your generic mssg was left by a person, not a machine. I'm sure I wouldn't have been able to tell if you hadn't told me so.

What the blogosphere is for me is a place to disseminate my thoughts and ideas for others to read. I don't care if you agree with them or not; if you don't, leave a reasoned response as to why you don't agree. I do the same when I post on other blogs and I appreciate those who do the same here. Don't disrespect my site by leaving a post that's nothing more than lazy self-promotion. Reminds me of having a party and some unwanted guest shows up, eats your food and drinks your beer and shows his/her appreciation by puking on your new rug.