Saturday, January 15, 2005

Blueprint for Democracy

Howard Dean was my man for president. I was heartbroken when the powerbrokers in the Democrat Party felt the need to do in his campaingn in favor of the charisma-challenged, and obviously courage-less John Kerry. I know, despite the lies of the SBVFT ad and the Sinclair BS, Kerry appears to have shown leadership and gravitas while a soldier and when he came home from the war. I don't want to get off on that rabbit trail here.

Back to Dean. Why I like him and why so many others who care about our country and its future like him, is captured in this brief quote from Laura Gross, Communications Director at Democracy For America. Just back from a trip, Gross is sharing what it is about Dean that captivates her and makes it so much fun to work on the DFA staff. In the quote is the crux of where Progressives and other Dems concerned about social justice, fairness and taking our country back from the Crypto-Fascists need force the Democrat Party:

"One of the amazing things about this job is that no matter how many times I see it happen, seeing how people react to Governor Dean still amazes me. There's always such a variety of people—young and old, from every background. And there's always a blend of people who have seem to have supported Gov. Dean forever and those who are coming to see him for the first time, as if to see what this is really about.

He talks about how in a democracy voting only earns you a C-, that to earn an A you have to organize in your community and even run for office yourself; about the need to build a party that competes in all 50 states every year, not just 18 states every 4 years; about the fact that we need real reform that comes from outside Washington. And when he does, no matter who they are, people appreciate his vision and his common sense."

That's it in a nutshell. Either the DLC and other drifters to the right get it and get out of the way, or those of us who care for real democracy need to form a third party that is representative of working class values, equality for all and economic justice--and maybe run Dean in 2008!

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