Thursday, January 27, 2005

Real analysis

Now that I've had the opportunity to vent my spleen (Actions Always Trump Words), I feel better--adjusted and at one with the universe--or at least not wanting to pull a Michael Douglas ala Falling Down.

Since I'm feeling calmer after my little trek through the woods on skis (amazing how the brisk winter air and sunshine makes life a bit more tolerable), I'm going to let you read one of my favorite writers--the literate and culturally accurate James Wolcott, of Vanity Fair.

After reading Wolcott, digest this; apparently the President's briefing was part of an overarching strategy--designed to "lower expectations" and not place any definition on what success would mean.

From the NYTimes:

[The president's words were part of an aggressive White House communications strategy this week and next to frame the risky Iraqi election - a critical test of his assertion that the country is on the path to stability - in the best possible light. The goal, a Bush adviser said, was not only to lower expectations but to avoid any definition of success. ]

In light of all of this, apparently some Democrats are coming around, including Senator Kennedy.

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