Sunday, January 02, 2005

Passing of a true patriot

I’ve not been spending a lot of time imbibing news other than from my trusted internet sources. I’m usually a reader of the local dailies and the NY Times on line, but for some reason, this past week has seen a variance from this routine. As a result, I missed the passing of an important American writer and patriot in the truest sense of the word. I’m somewhat surprised I didn’t catch this at some point while cruising the blogosphere.

Susan Sontag, writer, activist and one of America’s underappreciated thinkers passed away on December 28th.

A tireless advocate for human rights, Sontag spent considerable time traveling around the world advocating for the marginalized. During the 1990’s Sontag called attention to the escalating civil war in Yugoslavia and lobbied world leaders to intervene.

Susan, over at Suburban Guerrilla has a fitting tribute to an American intellectual and original thinker that I’ll miss hearing from as we navigate the minefield of a second Bush term and a coarsening culture rife with ideological booby traps.

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