Friday, January 28, 2005

The Free Press

For as long as I can remember, I have been a sucker for the "free" newspaper. In almost any town or city across America, you can find them stacked in variety stores, restaurants and other public places. Some of these are weekly, others monthly and they vary in terms of content.

What I enjoy most about reading these publications is their abilitiy to consistently give the reader a sense of the local community and culture. If you want to know the pressing issues of a town or city, then pick up that community's free paper(s).

Last night, I stopped in Damariscotta to meet a good friend for dinner and happened to pick up The Free Press, published in Rockland. For those of you from "away", Rockland (as well as Damriscotta) are Maine communities that are representative of our state before the "flatlanders" came in and decided that us poor benighted Mainers needed their help in civilizing our state. When you drive south, you'll see the end result, especially the South Portland area--box stores, chain retail establishments, fast food restaurants--all built over a former marshland that's been filled in.

Back to my free newspaper premise; while reading through The Free Press, I found a letter to the editor (the true voices of the people) and one written by The Humble Farmer stood out as I read it. I thought it was so clear and concise in making his point that I'm going to republish it for the edification of others:

Support Our Blitzkrieg

Over 12 million people voted for Hitler, and 70 years later we must believe that many of them already knew what he was going to do. After 1933, at every stage of his career, Hitler had a lot of serious support from well-meaning people. Back then it would have been considered unpatriotic to question your neighbors who really believed in Hitler’s plan to bring his kind of freedom to the oppressed people in Poland, France and Holland. True, in the German academic community there was an uncomfortable scholar or two, but in 1944 a critique of the program within earshot of one’s fascist neighbors would have been unproductive. The dissenters prudently kept their opinions to themselves. About the only way one could identify them was by the lack of that little black “Support Our Blitzkrieg” swastika on the back of their cars.

The humble Farmer
St. George


weasel said...

Nice work Jim; I felt compelled to reference you in my final spewings about yellow ribbon magnets on the ole blog. I too enjoy the Free Press, especially Mac the Diplomat, an ex-state department hand who flames the neo-cons on a regular basis from a place of great authority.

Jim said...

I thought of you and your previous mentions about The Free Press, while picking it up.

Long live the truly independent free pubs, that by and large, preserve some modicum of journalism in our state and nation.

Bob Skogland has been a longtime fave of mine, long before I started venting about politics.

Back in the good 'ole days of the late 1970's, I first heard The "Famuh's" show on NPR, mostly to listen to the jazz he played. It wasn't long before his wry "obsavashuns" and homespun "humah" won me over.

Anonymous said...

you guys sucks

Jim said...

It's hard to know what ticked off Anonymous. Maybe he/she thinks we should all put yellow magnets made in China on our cars (except of course, MA's magnets, which are made right here in the good 'ole USA); possibly he doesn't appreciate Bob Skoglund's sense of humor; or possibly, he doesn't appreciate my endorsement of free newspapers--perhaps he/she prefers the tightly controlled journalism of the mainstream press, giving the current administration a free pass as it ravages our land. We won't know, because his three word comment (which he/she had great difficulty getting grammatically correct)gives little detail and adds little to the discussion.

Just a word of advice, anonymous. If you are going to post on my site, bring something to the table; otherwise, take your fucking trollbait elsewhere, moron!

BTW, I don't hide behind an anonymous shield when I share my opinions and analysis. It doesn't take much courage (or intelligence) to post drivel anonymously.

Anonymous said...

"Trollbait". That's a funny one. LMFAO!!

I don't have blogger acct but I'll make sure I leave an email, so you don't "flame" me like you did the troll! LOL!!