Monday, June 02, 2008

Moxietown at the printer

Pre-order Moxietown today!

The new book is at the printer, and my website has been updated. It appears that we're on track to have copies of the book available by the first of July, just prior to the Moxie Festival, in Lisbon Falls.

Because Moxietown will have a limited-run pressing (meaning that we are only printing a small number of copies for the festival, and will only reprint once), copies of the book may be hard to come by, after the festival.

To ensure that you receive a copy, RiverVision Press is urging that you pre-order your book today. That way, you'll be guaranteed a copy of Moxietown.

1 comment:

Mark LaFlamme said...

Looking forward to this, even though I can't stand the stuff.