Saturday, May 31, 2008

The American Idol Party

The Maine Democrat Party (aka, The American Idol Party) Convention is apparently running in typically f*cked up Democrat fashion, as the Obama delegates caused a major traffic jam with their late arrival at the Augusta Civic Center.

While check-in was to be completed by 9:00 am, the Millennial Kool-Aid Kids (affectionately known as Obama delegates) had trouble getting out of bed at such an early hour. Hence, check-in was extended to enable America's future leaders the chance to roll at their leisure.

Then, Michelle Obama's limo caused another major traffic snarl, further pushing back the essentials of the convention, namely, the caucusing.

[Michelle Obama whipping her husband's supporters into a frenzy]

America's future first diva made an unexpected, surprise appearance. The mercurial wife of Democrat front-runner, Barack "Barry" Obama, gave a spirited performance, ripping off Obama campaign standards, "Hillary Don't Sho' No Respect," "Back to the USSR," and the show-stopping, "Barack Is Just Alright Wit' Me." Several Obama delegates reportedly had to be taken out on stretchers, after they were slain in the spirit.

My wife texts that "the Androscoggin County delegates suck," so she's been adopted by the York County contingent.

It appears our Saturday evening dinner date is in jeopardy, a victim of Democratic politics.

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