Thursday, May 01, 2008

Juice above the fold

Mark LaFlamme cut his journalistic teeth on the mean streets of Lewiston, Maine. Later, he directed his considerable writing talent towards fiction, penning his horror novel, The Pink Room, about "a physicist's attempts to use the science of string theory to bring his daughter back from the dead. Government agents and a bestselling author race to find out if he was succesful."

LaFlamme also maintains a blog, while continuing his duties with the Sun Journal, prowling the side streets and alleyways of Maine's grittiest community, mining for stories and dealing with "dumb crooks, hard cases and vile editors." He also writes a weekly column, Street Talk. Some might call him prolific. I won't mention what others say about him.

We hear so much about the mega-selling authors and celebrity writers, which tend to skewer the realities that most writers live with. There are countless others, like LaFamme that actually churn out more and arguably, better material; they just don't get obscene advances for the work that they produce.

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