Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Champions once again

In New England, it’s easy to become a bandwagon rider. Pick your sport—baseball, football, and after last night, basketball. Maybe next year, it will be hockey.

Shortly, Celtic green and shamrocks will be adorning heads, chests, and other body parts, throughout these parts. When a team wins 66 regular season games, and blows through the playoffs, its easy to call yourself a fan.

Celtics fans were at a premium last year at this time, however, when Doc Rivers brought a listing crew into port, mercifully ending the worst season in recent memory. No one had any idea what the following year would bring. I do remember all of those who badmouthed The Truth for daring to suit up, show his warrior’s heart, and test his formerly-injured foot, all because they wanted the Celts to tank the season for a lottery shot at Oden’s damaged goods. I for one cheered every minute Pierce logged, and even wrote about it. No one deserves a championship more than he does.

My son shared this great blog post about the win last night. I could write a lot more about sticking with a team through the lean times, but I’ve only been officially onboard since 2002 (after abandoning the team in the late 80s), when Mark was home for Christmas break from school, and got me fired up about the likes of Ricky Davis, Mark Blount, Antoine Walker, and Walter McCarty, complimenting Pierce.

Today feels alright, and I’ll continue to follow my Celts, hoping that basketball doesn’t get co-opted by their recent success, like NESN turning the nightly Red Sox game into a pretext for Jerry Remy to be stupid.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for linking to Anthony's post about the Celts. Almost everyone at Medicine Agency used to work at the old Fleet Center, either selling The Truth t-shirts, signing people up for C's credit cards, or vending sodas. We all knew Paul Pierce was underrated, though no one expected such a legendary performance. Green fever has hit New England--every other person has a 2008 Champions t-shirt on up here!