Thursday, April 24, 2008

Regional drinks like Moxie: Cheerwine

I'm officially "off" today, from my daytime gig. But like Monday's "holiday," my non-paid work time is taken up with Moxietown and stories of Moxie. My deadline's tight, but I can see some light up ahead, I think?

I've been at my keyboard since about 6:00 am, transcribing my interview with Justin Conroy, from Cornucopia. He happened to mention a similar, regional brand of soft drink, called Cheerwine, which turned 90, last year. Time to take a "break" and get up a blog post.

A southern regional phenomenom, like Moxie, this burgundy colored drink is said to possess a distinctive cherry taste. It's available throughout the southeastern United States, from West Virginia, south to Georgia.

What I found interesting when I Googled "Cheerwine," was the product's website. They've taken a local news motif and made it their own, with "stories," sightings and their very own blog (although someone needs to learn that blogging requires periodic updates; your last post is from July 2007!). Nice work on the marketing side.

Personally, I don't know if this would work for Moxie. IMHO, Moxie's lure is Frank Anicetti's store, his aversion to technology and the NEMC's fixation with memorabilia that belongs to the previous century.

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