Saturday, April 26, 2008

Hillary takes my advice; goes to Gary

I've been steering clear of politics, of late. Since none of the three remaining candidates seem capable of speaking to any of the issues germane to most Americans, I've decided to tune out, until November.

I did happen to hear that Hillary stopped by Gary, Indiana, to talk with steelworkers (what few are left, from the region's heyday, as "Steeltown, USA, a moniker shared with another similar U.S. city, Youngstown, Ohio). It made me reflect back to last year, right about at this time, when I spent a week near Gary and visited the city a couple of times. I wasn't there for a photo op and I actually did it without a security detail.

I wrote about it and Counterpunch published my "fantasy" debate piece. You can read it here, if you happened to miss it.

In retrospect, I think I "nailed" the candidates fairly well, with my handicap.

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Richard S. said...

I've found it very hard to write about politics myself, at least compared to before. Personal changes and disillusionment are one reason; another is that I feel even more hopeless seeing so many people looking for "hope" in that phony, Obama.

I couldn't agree more with many of the posts here on that front...

But how could Mary turn this into some kind of Hillary Clinton campaign blog? That's when I tuned out of this one for a while.(Clinton, Obama...peas in a pod. he's just managed to fool more people who should know better. Which is why I sometimes think I like him even less. But I don't like either of them at all.)

I dropped this from the blogroll at one of my blogs, because I just couldn't take it after a point. I try to include blogs that I can disagree with to some extent, but there is a limit. This didn't seem like the Words Matter that I had known.

I'm putting it back in the blogroll, in my newest blog. Just thought I'd let you know this is a conscious decision, in case you see your stats and say, "What the hell?..."
P.S. Went to a Nader rally, wasn't crazy about it. I liked his speeches better in 2004. I'll vote for him if I remember to register, but it's kind of silly putting a whole lot of energy into any existing electoral/presidential campaign in this country, even the dissenting one. Have to try to do other things... But you know I always felt that way. :)