Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Another Titlepage.tv episode

I just completed my second episode of Titlepage.tv (their actual episode #2), which highlighted four provocative young writers; Julie Klam, Sloane Crosley, Keith Gessen (Franzen's a fan--I'm impressed) and Ceridwin Dovey, who had her first book published while a doctoral student, in anthropology.

All had an interesting take on books, particularly Klam (who actually had a gig at one point before writing her book, doing pop-up videos on VH1), talking about the completion aspect of writing a book. She spoke about books being different than other things (blogs, music videos, MP3s), “…a book actually happens; there’s something so satisfying (in the process) … if you sell your proposal, you actually have a book.”

It might end up on the remainder table, or discounted at Reny’s, or Marden’s, but you have a physical product that is validation of your efforts.

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