Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Your own personal culinary guru

Have you ever wished you had a chef at your disposal to help you with those pesky cooking questions? Maybe you can’t get that pie crust to flake, or your wiener schnitzel just doesn’t taste like it did back in Bavaria. From apple coring to crème brulee, let Chef Dunn answer your cooking questions.

Do you have a stew that’s missing an ingredient, let the Chef help you fill in that missing piece to your pot simmering puzzle.

Chef Dunn brings over a decade of cooking experience at Portland’s finer dining establishments. For those of you from away, Portland may have the best restaurants of any small city in America. Word on the street is that Portland has as many restaurants per capita as world class dining metropolis, San Francisco. I don’t know what that says about Portland, but it does tell you of the Chef’s abilities to help you with your cooking quandaries.

But wait! Not only can he cook, but he can get that website up and running for you, solve your software dilemnas and offer you his take on the state of the working class in America.

Visit him at BlahBlahBlah and release the culinary muse trapped inside you!

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ChefDunn said...

Thanks Jim! Hopefully I will be able to get some interesting things up there. Hope to hear from some of you in cyberspace!