Thursday, February 24, 2005

HST leaves the room

Hunter Thompson shot himself. I guess that sentence isn't as odd as it originally seemed when I contemplated writing it. Actually, when you view his life, you understand that obviously Thompson figured that it was time to leave this planet and so he took the initiative to do so.

There are always certain figures that are larger than life and there will never be another Hunter S. Thompson. San Francisco Bay Guardian writer, Tim Redmond, does a good job with a tough assignment--capturing the iconic Thompson in 1,000+ words.

The LA Weekly's Marc Cooper also weighs in on Thompson's death by suicide.

In a day and age of manufactured and plastic celebrities, journalistic hacks and wannabes, Thompson's shoes will likely go without filling, and the writing profession, as well as American culture will be the worse for it.

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gypsy said...

Well put. He was an icon and an inspiration.