Wednesday, February 02, 2005

A fair tax plan

Anyone who has been reading my blogging since last year knows that I've written extensively on the taxation issue. Being able to bring about true reform to our tax code, creating a progressive vs. the current regressive system, would go along way towards creating a more equitable society.

From the Center for American Progress is the following summary to their call for a plan for a tax code overhaul:

The current tax code is unfair, unnecessarily complex, and has failed to meet our national priorities. Today, we are faced with a fundamental choice for our tax structure: continue the policies that have failed the vast majority of taxpayers and our country for the benefit of a few, or reform the tax system consistent with progressive principles. It is time for a fairer and simpler tax system that reduces the massive deficits created over the last four years, strengthens the middle class while honoring their work, and creates opportunity for Americans of all income levels to succeed.

You can read the entire plan here.

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