Saturday, February 05, 2005

The saga continues...

The scenario often goes like this. Public, or semi-public figure makes comment that is deemed controversial. Routinely, the comment has been taken out of context. Media jumps on story, like proverbial pigs in shit, and figure is forced to defend. Backpeddling, figure most often retracts comment, issues apology, say they didn't make statement, or some variation on that scenario.

Ward Churchill is not backing down from his statements. In addition to having his life pried open like a dented sardine can, fellow activists and others that he has worked with and supported over the past 30+ years are running from him, tails tucked firmly between their legs. Here is a decent article (for mainstream reporting) in the Rocky Mountain News.

To Churchill's credit, he won't answer the mundane details of his life, such as, who is your mother, "It's absolutely indefensible," he said of probing questions into his family history. " 'Who's your mother and where does she live?' Yeah, she needs to be dealing with what I'm dealing with, at 85 years old.

"They're welcome to call my father. They can interview him." He says this because his father is deceased. (I love Brennan's snide editorializing in the midst of his "news" story)

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Anonymous said...

Why don't you put it too rest!! This man is a fraud and its pathetic that you keep defending him. I hope they fire his ass in Colorado.

Jim said...

I will continue to unequivocally support Ward Churchill's right, as well as anyone elses rights, to free speech. There is no litmus test as to what is protected or not.

As to your comment about fraud. That subject has no purpose in what I've written about free speech and attempts to silence Churchill's point of view coming from the right.

Nothing that he wrote in relation to 9-11 suffers from the scrutiny of his heritage. His criticisms of empire stand close inspection for anyone willing to assiduously research the matter. This is a common tactic of the right--take the focus off the issue and turn it on the person--while engaging in attempts at undermining their character by any means possible.

Lastly, as I've said before in other comments, it takes no courage to post comments anonymously, particulary those that attack or are drenched with innuendo. Have the courage to at least leave an email, although that really requires little in the way of accountability, either.

With my blog and easy access to my other website, I'm putting my name and reputation behind everything I write. If you don't think that takes courage, try making a living as a freelance writer, while being as transparent as I have been with my blogs.

The recent hatemail I've received as a result of my support of Ward Churchill, is vindication that I'm doing the right thing.

Words matter, but they have no way of circulating without a culture of free speech in which to distribute them.

ChefDunn said...

"Words matter, but they have no way of circulating without a culture of free speech in which to distribute them."