Friday, December 17, 2004

Liberal media, my ass!

So tell me once again, why I'm not as qualified as those journalistic hacks with their degrees from prestigious places of higher education to comment on subjects such as Social Security?

Speaking of Social Security, here are the highlights of the journalistic buffoonery taking place this past week concerning the President's ill-concieved plan to privitize it.

Tim Russert--He of "Meet the Press" fame and holder of 22 honorary doctorates from various American colleges and universities to name but a few of his various awards. Russert, who rarely misses the opportunity to lob a "softball" of a question towards his subjects, has become a friend of Republicans in trouble. Russert is becoming the Sunday morning equivalent of Larry King.

Brit Hume--plays an objective journalist on Fox News and serves as their managing editor and chief Washington correspondant. Hume is often seen cheerleading Republican proposals on tax breaks for the wealthy and President Bush's war in Iraq. Takes the label "hack" to new heights (or lows, depending on your perspective/ideology).

Chris Matthews--frequently attempts to imitate an "old school" yellow-dog Democrat, with his faux pugnaciousness. Like most mainstream news personalities, he toes his network's corporate line, because he would find it difficult to live on anything less than his seven figure salary.

CBS Evening News--One of the "dinosaurs" of TV news, rarely, if ever offers viewers anything that deviates from the network's corporate talking points.

Not to dispair, however. Paul Krugman, an economist, who actually does a great job as a true journalist lets us in on a few dirty little secrets concerning Mr. Bush and his investment industry friends. Not to mention the retirees who are primed for getting screwed by the plan.

Stay tuned; it's sure to get worse, before it gets better, if it ever does so.

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