Monday, December 13, 2004

Conspicuous consumption

I found this at Asfo_Del's blog, Living on Less; she found it at Infoshop News. The quote pretty well sums up my feelings about the narcissism that shrouds America in a fog of self-indulgence.

"To the owner of the Ford Excursion who implores us to "Support Our Troops" I say this: 'You, sir (or madam), are a monumental jackass. At this moment, American troops are risking their lives to protect your inalienable right to live your life in an impenetrable fog of selfishness and stupidity....' I sometimes wonder if anything short of dynamite can shatter your complacent fantasy that the Iraq war is about bringing democracy to the Middle East. The truth is that every Arab from Casablanca to Khartoum could be cutting his brother's throat, and yet this would remain a matter of indifference to our government if not for the need to ensure that you will be able to fill your Excursion with cheap gasoline. To expect others to sacrifice everything for you, while advertising by your own behavior that you will sacrifice exactly nothing for them, is the height of political and social immorality. And to do so while claiming your political views are an expression of "moral values" is an obscene joke."

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