Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Blogging here; blogging there

One of the problems of having two blogs is duplication. While most of what I'm writing about on Words Matter is different than what I write about at my website, occasionally there will be some overlap. Today is an example of that.

Last night, while driving home from my shift on the phones at an unnamed catalog retailer, I caught NPR's Marketplace segment on a visionary program instituted by a CEO. While I'm often critical of the business community in their lack of concern for people over profits, this segment illustrated a concept that I've held onto, despite being told it doesn't hold true any longer--that you can still treat people fairly and with respect, while being profitable.

If y'all would be so kind and scoot over to my blog at my website, I'd be forever grateful. That will save me from double-blogging on this subject.

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