Thursday, August 07, 2008

MSM fails to report on John Edwards

Ken Layne, editor of Wonkette, summarizes the John Edwards/love child story that the drive by doesn't have the heart (stones?) to report on. Slate also gives an explanation for the deafening silence surrounding the story.

I was duped by Edwards' faux populism he espoused when he was still jockeying his horse in the race. I should have known better about a guy that talks about the working class, but gets $400 haircuts.

The story, as Layne reminds us is "that politicians in Washington are creeps and weirdos, and whether they're Senator Larry Craig cruising for gay sex in an airport bathroom or ex-Senator John Edwards hiding from tabloid reporters in a Beverly Hills hotel bathroom, they are twisted little Caligulas pretending to be statesmen, on your dime."

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