Friday, August 22, 2008

Let the wind blow

Some people believe that Maine is sitting on some major natural resources; our wind potential, to be specific.

Seth Silverton, a transplant to Maine (native Mainers might call him a "flatlander"), is the owner and sole employee of the Silverton Group, an independent energy firm based in Lincolnville. Silverton began his energy consulting business in June, after leaving a job as a commercial sales manager in the oil industry in January. He located to Maine with his family after 9-11, when debris, soot, and burning papers from the World Trade Center were deposited on his lawn.

There's a good article in Village Soup about him and his business, and why he believes that the "Gulf of Maine is the Saudi Arabia of wind power." This echoes the sentiments of another better known Mainer, former governor Angus King.

Do Mainers have the foresight, and do our leaders possess the political will to make this happen?

Only time will tell. In the meantime, entrepreneurs like Silverton are finding ample opportunities and the energy field wide open. They'll make money, while at the same time, helping Maine businesses and others save on energy costs.

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