Sunday, August 24, 2008

McCains can't remember much

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The fact that John McCain is the GOP nominee still surprises the heck out of me. With all the AM bandwidth, Fox News, WorldNetDaily and other media outlets devoted to all matters right, you would think the almighty conservative nation could have raised a better example of their transcendant values than John McCain.

Actually, it's rather interesting of late to see the pretzel logic employed by various radio hosts and others, as they try to twist McCain into an image that they can use to get another Republican elected as supreme potentate. These same ideologues couldn't find one good thing to say about McCain back during primary season. Now, they see this pseudo-Maverick as heir apparent to the Reagan legacy, and the only thing standing between a Marxist takeover of the country. What a freakin' joke.

When McCain sat down with Rick Warren and didn't drool on himself, answering the pastor's questions, the right-wing noise machine was nearly orgasmic. Then came this week's positive polling numbers, showing the McCain had narrowed the gap, making the McCain/Obama battle a near dead heat.

I haven't paid attention to how its being spun, but two interesting stories this week have done nothing to convince me that Mr. McCain is going to make dime's worth of difference, over the election of the anointed one, Barack Obama.

Cindy (I wanna' be sedated) McCain describes herself as an only child. The only problem with that is she has a half-sister that she obviously knows about. In fact, her half-sister is Kathleen Hensley Portalski, now 65 reveals that she saw Cindy regularly, while growing up. I'm sure she knows about her now, she just prefers to block it out, like all other unpleasant things that come to poor Cindy's eternally, sunshiney mind.

Apparently, documents indicate that she was born to Jim (Cindy's dad) and Mary Jeanne Hensley on 23 February 1943. While still married, Mr Hensley was sent to West Virginia to recuperate from war wounds. There he met Marguerite Smith whom he married in 1945. Cindy was born nine years later.

Even better, in my opinion, is how Cindy ended up with nearly all of her father's beer distribution wealth, while Ms. Portalski received a paltry $10,000. A'int wealth grand?

Ms. Portalski and her son have recently spoken publicly about their anger and hurt of being conveniently air-brushed out existence by Ms. McCain, potential future first lady.

According to Nicholas Portalski, Kathleen's son,

"The fact that we've never been recognised, and then Cindy has to put such a fine point on it by saying something that's not true," he told National Public Radio, which broadcast a profile on Mrs McCain which proved to be the last straw for the forgotten family. "It's just very hurtful."

As if Cindy's memory problems weren't enough, her husband, nearly 20 years her senior, can't seem to remember how many homes he and Cindy own.

The McCain camp has done its best to portray him as a man that understands the lives of average Americans, paining Mr. Obama as an elitist. The reality is that the McCain's are American royalty, also. A man that wears $500 shoes isn't blue collar, no matter how you spin that shit!

It seems to me that unless you are part of the upper levels of American wealth, then it will be another four years, at least, before we have someone worthy of our votes.

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