Friday, April 07, 2006

Prepare to meet your maker

Jello Biafra and the crew at Alternative Tentacles are at it once again--or are they? Could this be Biafra's own way of turning the tables on the religious right and his own unique way of poking fun at Xian rock, with the ultimate concept band/parody? Or maybe, he's just being open-minded and tolerant of divergent viewpoints? You be the judge. Either way, you 'gotta love Knights of the New Crusade.

I have to say this is one hilarious concept, either way. Check out the discussion on Buzzgrinder and this letter in HM, which bills itself as a "Christian" music magazine, replete with bible studies. (you mean this isn't a parody?).

This is where we find ourselves, in 2006. I find it illustrative of the nature of the "black and white" polarization in our culture, around various issues and how this band is able to push a multitude of buttons and elicit some of the reactions I've linked to. LMFAO!

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Guerrillas in the Midst said...

Ha! Yeah, I looked into these guys a few weeks ago. There was also, on AT, the Causey Way, who were described as a "Christian Group" in a few places. They pretended to be a Davidian-esque cult. Great band.

I liked the Maximum rocknroll exchange too. Just goes to show how much a religion punk rock can be...