Monday, April 17, 2006

An end, of sorts

Back in November, 2004, I began Words Matter. At that point, I’d been blogging for nine months at my own website. Thinking that some of my more personal and political posts were hurting my marketability as a writer, I decided to migrate my political, cultural and other observations to another place; hence, Words Matter was born.

I’ve enjoyed blogging for much of the past 17 months. During that time, I’ve remained passionate in my opinions and felt I had something to say. However, I’ve reached the point where I’m currently blogging more because I feel I have to, in order to maintain some consistent content, rather than being driven by the urge to express my thoughts. I’ve always attempted to be a blogger who tried to have something to say and by and large, I’ve avoided resorting to rehashing the content of others. Of late, I’ve lost that urgency to state my thoughts and opinions and to weigh in on the matters of the day. Because of this, I’ve decided the time has come to pull the plug on this type of writing.

I’ve had a handful of consistent readers (who’ve graciously shared comments along the way) and I’m grateful for your support. I’ll continue to check out some of my favorite bloggers, many of whom are listed as links on this site.

I’m not abandoning blogging entirely, as I’ll still keep my hand in the medium, at Write in Maine, but it will be sporadic and given mostly to the subject of writing and publishing.

I leave the door ajar, for my return at some later date, particularly if some issue or event warrants it. However, I'm tired to tilting at the same windmills and riding the same horse time and time again, with little or nothing to show for it.


Joe said...


Sad to see this blog go. Your writing always brings to light issues that seem to fall under my own radar. I hope your other writing pursuits continue to bear fruit.

Guerrillas in the Midst said...

It's been a pleasure reading your blog Jim. Good luck with everything!

asfo_del said...

Jim, you'll be missed! I've always very much appreciated the fact that you take the trouble to write out thoughful analysis rather than just quote someone else's opinion and simply say you agree. I've always admired your work and dedication. But I also understand the need to move on at times. Stay in touch!

Richard S. said...

Jim, I sincerely hope that you're one of those bloggers who merely claims to be leaving, yet comes back again and again. With that hope in mind, I will keep your blog on my list regardless of your "goodbye" note.

Nothing else to add, except "me too" to all of the comments above.

timothyjlambert said...

Well...dang. I don't comment much, but I always look forward to reading your blog. Especially whenever I'm thinking, "I can't be the only one who feels this way."

I wish you success, both material and immaterial.

weasel said...


I'm sorry to read about this. We may have disagreed on occasion about the details but I always knew that we were looking at the same big picture. I'll miss your passion for the issues and your ability to unearth important stories that would have glided by without so much as a glance if left to the devices of the MSM. I suppose I'll have to widen my net to find the hidden nuggets of outrage I had looked forward to on my routine visits here.

Glad to read that Write in Maine will continue however; I have been remiss in neglecting it and will add it to the links in place of Words Matter.

As for other endeavours, good luck as Twilight Ball season approaches and yes, I promise I'll have something neatly space and spell-checked en route for project x soonest!

Best wishes
Wisdom Weasel

Dottie said...

I too will miss your writings, but I understand. See you this weekend.

Jim said...

Thanks for all the kind words. I appreciate them a great deal.

Maybe at some point, I'll revive the regular posting; strangely enough, I've had to fight the urge not to post a rant the past two days.

For the short-term at least, I'm going to take some time away in order to refocus my energies and decide where they are best directed.