Sunday, February 26, 2006

The solution in Iraq--get out!!

The age-old schism between Sunnis and the Shia majority in Iraq has suddenly found the catalyst needed to cause it to flareup--U.S. occupation of Iraq. Over the past week, tensions have erupted and led to outbreaks of violence and a ramping-up of sectarian concerns.

Raed Jarrar, who blogs at Raed in the Middle, has an excellent post on the looming civil war in Iraq. As he writes at his blog, "the current sectarian tension was handled very efficiently by the Iraqi religious and social leaders working with their elected national government, and that the occupation troops and authorities didn't take any part in "protecting Iraqis from each other", which is the bush administration's number one excuse for keeping the troops in Iraq."

We need to stop vacillating on this issue. We need to bring our troops home now! If we don't we'll be responsible for even greater chaos in a country that we've done nothing but FTU in, from the beginning.

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