Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Back from the far-flung reaches

I'm just back from the far eastern reaches of downeast Maine, namely Machias. Spending hours alone in the car, driving deserted stretches of windswept Route 1 does funny things to your psyche. Past blueberry fields, lobster boats blocked up in yards and ramshackle houses, reminded me that I was no longer in the gilded environs of southern Maine, namely Portland proper. Per usual, my thoughts ran to issues that I know just enough about to be dangerous.

I have some photos that I want to post and also, I hope I can craft some cogent commentary and gather my thoughts enough for an enlightened post. Unfortunately, I'm scurrying to catch my tail today, so blogging must wait.

Here, at least, is a link to a topic I encountered in my travels. The bureaucrats in Augusta, mostly from the more affluent communities, are carping about waste in education, so they are pushing hard for the closing or consolidation of rural schools. Per usual, Working Waterfront has some good Maine-based reporting on an issue that could be devastating for many places that have only the local school holding their communities together.

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