Sunday, February 26, 2006

Fake it til' you make it

Once more, music has been a way for me to crawl out from under the "darkness" of winter that I so often feel, this time of the year. Despite a period when reality has whomped me upside my head, I sense a fertile creative period might be lurking around the corner.

I've spent some productive time hammering out some ideas that I hope will be the foundation for my own contribution to Pine Trees, Potato Fields and Lobster Traps, RiverVision's upcoming anthology of Maine non-fiction.

My soundtrack for my Saturday night writing exercise into the wee hours, was Barsuk (Bar-Sook, with the emphasis on the second syllable) Radio. My favorite tracks were Rocky Votolato's "Portland Is Leaving" and Nada Surf's "Always Love".

I even found time to pull out my guitar case, dust it off, and lovingly coax a few tentative chords from my trusty old Yamaha acoustic.

slow demands come around squeeze the air and keep the rest out it helps to write it down even when you then cross it out

but always love hate will get you every time always love even when you want to fight

(Nada Surf "Always Love")

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