Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Kalifornia dreamin'

Did I tell you that I like Jim Kunstler? Maybe it's the bowtie, or maybe it's the name of his blog? Maybe, oh maybe, it's his irreverent and often prescient take on Amerika the Bee-uu-tee-full!!

If you don't buy the mindset that someone/thing (God, guns, GW , the guvment, technology or the wonderful ingenuity of the 'merican peepo) is 'gonna save us, then you might enjoy C'fuck Nation.

Here's JK's take on California.

[I know, I'm supposed to be in exile/hiding; I'm crawling back under my rock.]


weasel said...

I like this guy- he's like Hunter Thompson with a purpose.

Jim said...

Interesting characterization of JK. Thompson was particularly accurate in his portrayal of America, its hypocrisy, death of the dream, etc., which unfortunately is lost whenever he's written about, as it always becomes about his propensity for substance abuse.

Kunstler has interesting takes that are sure to piss the sheeple off; what? I can't drive my fucking Hummer anymore? WahWahWah!!

The best part of C'Fuck Nation is the comments; smarter than your average blog commentary (except Words Matter, Wisdom Weasel and a few other spots, of course) and often expounds upon what Kunstler writes about.

"I hate to advocate drugs, alcohol, violence or insanity to anyone, but they've always worked for me." H.S. Thompson

weasel said...

For me (and much of this might stem from my attitude towards drugs) Thompson always seemed to be running away from the problem. He'd present an issue, complain about it or show how insane it was, then get high. Even though PJ O'Rourke fights for the other side at least he directs his fire hose at what he considers the flames. JK seems to do the same, and for my side of the argument.