Wednesday, June 29, 2005

The Future of Petroleum

It's important to understand what lies behind our failures in Iraq. Regardless of what Washington tells any of us, we aren't leaving Iraq any time soon. "Why?" you ask. Because of oil and the massive quantities of it that our mega-consumption demands.

This article on Saudi oil says alot about the war in Iraq and possible scenarios for our future.

Drive your H2, Expedition and whatever other gas-guzzling behemoth with your "I support W" decal, yellow ribbon or other pro-oil slogan while you can. The day is coming when it will sit idle in your yard.

You can call it schadenfreude; I just say it's the future.

1 comment:

weasel said...

Maybe then we'll get an effective health care system when all those GOP voters who insisted on driving urban assault vehicles start having heart attacks from the unfamiliar strain of walking everywhere.
More probably we will go back to sedan chairs.