Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Run Howard, run

With the Democratic Party failing to provide much of any opposition to the Bush administration, Progressives, Liberals and other folks committed to systemic change have little to be optimistic about in the short term. Short of creating a viable third party, it looks like we are in for right-wing ideology and demagoguary for at least the next four years and possibly longer.

The DLC, which has been as responsible for the party's shift rightward as any culprit, needs to be unseated if Democrats are going to be Democrats again. Once again being the party of the working-class, rather than the ruling class.

There is a movement afloat to draft Howard Dean as chairman of the Democratic National Committee. I think Dean is one guy who could set the party back on its moorings. Not only that, I believe he could attract the kind of support among the grass-roots that the party has been lacking. Driving Votes is another "draft" Dean site, with a petition to sign encouraging the good doctor to take up the mantle of party housecleaning and reform.

If the Democratic Party has any hopes for mid-year success in 2006, let alone the Presidency in 2008, it needs to find someone to chair the Party that understands how to attract new blood--that man is Howard Dean!

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