Sunday, November 21, 2004

Prayer for presidents

Tony Campolo proudly calls himself an evangelical, yet there are serious differences from the manner he practices his version of the term than many so-called evangelicals that voted for President Bush’s re-election.

Campolo, a Baptist and self-described bible-believing xian has been criticized by many who resent his more broadminded approach to the teachings of Christ. Interestingly, Campolo’s fiery benediction at the opening of the William Jefferson Clinton Presidential Library raised some eyebrows, particularly those of George and Barbara Bush and their son, the president.

Watching a rebroadcast of the event today on C-Span, the camera caught Campolo’s fiery prayer in which he asked God to bless Clinton and specifically prayed for the current leadership. His prayer spoke about tolerance towards gays and lesbians, for our country to embrace peace over war, to care for the impoverished and for our leaders to hear the voices of their prophets.

The cameras caught the lack of respect that the Bush family had for Rev. Campolo. While the Clintons and Carters had heads bowed in reverence for the prayer and the preacher. It was a moment that spoke volumes for the differences between those gathered on the podium. Son George had the same look of condescension on his face that he wore during the first debate with Kerry, when the Senator upbraided him on his policies, particularly in Iraq.

Interestingly, Google searches and other means have yielded nothing about this. It amazes me how the right can continually bitch about the liberal bias of the media, while basking in its adulation and free pass given to them.

There is an interview worth reading with Campolo at BeliefNet about the hijacking of evangelical xianity by the left.

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