Monday, November 22, 2004

Native shakedown

There are a number of blogs that I go to regularly. I've become a fan of their abilities to ferret out news and information. Many of them are the "new journalists" and reading them is similar to reading a favorite columnist or reporter if operating in a print media context.

One such writer/blogger is David Neiwert of the blog, Orcinus. Neiwert also guest blogs over at The American Street. His most recent article has to do with our old friend Ahnuld.

Apparently, The Governator has set his sights on Native peoples and has become sort of the spokesperson for the campaign to end tribal sovereignty. (link)

Neiwert references an article by Alan Murray of CNBC in which Murray champions Schwarzeneggar's attempts to "shake down the tribes for all they are worth". According to the article by Murray, “the anti-Indian movement is shopping for a national voice and face,” and seems to conclude that the leading candidate so far is Schwarzenegger.

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