Monday, August 10, 2009

Staying on task

Still on my quest to reach my optimal weight (whatever that ends up being). Despite a weekend where I could have gotten offtrack (a Friday night Sea Dogs game, beer and excess junk food), I managed to get on the scale this morning and register another Monday loss.

On Friday, I spoke to a group of graduates from a training I helped recruit for, held at CMCC. This group of precision manufacturing trainees completed a rigorous 12-week program, and my topic was reinvention, a topic that is familiar to me.

Making changes in our lives continues to be a necessary requirement as the world continues to change. Yet, so many people resist change with every fiber of their being.

Change is difficult, and I'm not always open to all possibilities. I am trying to be as adaptable as I can be, however, and roll with things more often.

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