Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Opening day redux

The Boston Red Sox, New England's team, disappointingly saw their home opener foiled by yesterday's deluge. They'll try it again today, at 4:00 pm.

I attended opening day once, back in 2000. It was a miserably cold day, and while it was fun to say I'd been to opening day, I prefer to wait until June, to view my baseball in the flesh. In fact, my uncle, left-handed ace of the old Roberts 88'ers town team, always insisted that "we don't get baseball weather in Maine until June." That adage has always served me well.

In saluting the hope that accompanies opening day for fans of every team, even perennial cellar dwellers like the Kansas City Royals, I leave you with this piece from Russ Smith, and my own take on opening day, back in 2006, and the optimism that accompanies this uniquely American experience.


Anonymous said...

I love opening day. Everyone starts with a fresh slate. I'm a Texas Rangers fan and I don't need to tell you about our situation.

Maybe someday, we'll win a World Series just like you in Boston did after all those years and look at what's happened after that first one!

We've had terrible ownership, beginning with Bob Short, who moved the team from DC. It never got much better, including the George Bush era, and later, he brought his baseball approach to the White House and look how that worked out.

Of course, guess who threw out our first pitch of the season?

Tejas Baller

Lisa K. said...

For a while, I went to Sea Dogs' opening days, but as much as baseball warms our cockles and brings delicious thoughts of barbecues and beaches, April,in Maine is still nearly winter. I don't make my first forays out now until Memorial Day usually.

Will F. said...

Last July, William T. Logan Jr., my grandfather passed away. Growing up he always took us (the family) to games. Jim, you may remember I had you sign a copy of your baseball book as a gift for him.

At the time we lived outside of Boston, often he was present at my Little League games in Watertown and Somerville.
He loved his Fenway Park, but I remember enjoying Vermont Reds games too.

In recent years he became a fan of Big Papi, not so much for his playing ability-but because Papi do plays the game right and always with a smile.

During visits, talk always turned to baseball-if only for a moment to recap recent games or facts/figures.

The ball through Bill Buckner's legs caused many a conversation-but "Stabbed By Foulke. He underhands to Mientkiewicz" brought a tear to his eye.

This season I will miss our talks. But last night, something unexpected happened. While making dinner, Red Sox on the radio-Varitec hits his homer-my almost 5 year old said "way to go Tec". My wife smiled and looked at me. The delight that must have shown on my face.

Glad another season is upon us.

Jim said...

@Lisa K
After Memorial Day is just about right for Hadlock Field. I think we should have a "bloggers night" at a Sea Dogs game. I know The Wisdom Weasel would be up for it, and we can try to drag Mr. LaFlamme from his Screaming Room, especially if we can somehow find a way to connect it to the KC Royals (do they have a farm club in the EL?).

I know you'd be up for a night out in Portland, @ Hadlock. Thanks for sharing your story about your son.

I've always had a connection with my son through baseball. In fact, the past couple of springs, I've been a bit out of sorts, not having an afternoon high school, or college game to look forward to during the bleak days of April, and early May.