Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Pray for Power (Steering)

I've been offline for a couple of days, or at least since 2:00 am Monday morning. While the neo-Luddites love to extol the virtues of "going off the grid," I like my electricity convenient, like when I flip the switch, it's there.

The title of this post hearkens back to my Bible college days, at wonderful Hyles-Anderson College, where all us preacher boys were under the spell of Jack Hyles, or Dr. Hyles as he preferred to be called.

Hyles had a variety of odd doctinal beliefs, including his teachings on the Holy Spirit. He believed that God imbued certain candidates with a higher octane of power, due to petitioning the Holy Spirit for an extra portion. He regularly extolled H-A students in chapel to "Pray for Power."

We were all taught that the 3 X 5 card was our friend--a place to write Bible verses for memorization, like lunch breaks during our 2nd, or 3rd shift jobs most of us students were working to pay for the privilege of obtaining a degree from a non-accredited institution. Who needs the USDOE, or CHEA, when it was God that did the accrediting, according to Hyles.

I had written "Pray for Power" on a 3 X 5 card and taped it to the dash of my '74 Plymouth Scamp as a reminder on my 45 mile drives to Chicago to work as a security guard (when I wasn't falling asleep and ending up on the median strip, due to sleep deprivation).

One morning, I came down to the car to go to class and someone had added the additional notation of "steering," so that my card now read, "Pray For Power Steering."

Not sure why losing my power and regaining it made me think of that story, but it did.

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