Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Dirty bombs in Belfast

An apparently leaked FBI “Field Intelligence Group” report displayed by a global Web site indicates materials for a “dirty bomb” were found at the home of James Cummings in Belfast following his Dec. 9 death.

The Web site published a document that carries a banner that reads “Unclassified//For Official Use Only//Law Enforcement Sensitive” and “FBI Field Intelligence Groups.” The report was first published in the Bangor Daily News on Wednesday, Feb. 11.

Maine State Police have said Cummings, 29, was shot and killed inside his home on High Street by his wife, Amber, 31, in the presence of their 9-year-old daughter.

[The residence in Belfast where materials to make a dirty bomb were found, and site of an ongoing FBI investigation.]

Amber Cummings was interviewed by police after the shooting and released later that day with no charges being filed against her. She is reportedly living in the Belfast area.

From the report, apparantly Cummings was very upset with Barack Obama being elected president. According to the deceased's wife, Cummings had been in contact with white supremacist groups. He also had made application to join the National Socialist Movement (Nazi organization).

It's ironic that with all the attention paid to "outside threats" like Islamofascism (Hannity, Savage), and illegal immigration (Lou Dobbs), scant attention is given to domestic terrorists, which is what Cummings may have been.

One site that has been actively chronicling the various threats posed by domestic terrorists, and white hate groups, has been Orcinus, maintained by Seattle-based freelance journalist, David Neiwert.

Neiwert's site is worth spending some time at. It's one of the few blogs that connects the consequences resulting from the rantings of right-wing talk radio.

While it's easy to dismiss the Cummings shooting, particularly given the subsequent small town media coverage its garnered, typically positioned as the act of a lone kook. But, when put into the context of a series of incidents well document by Neiwert, I think it warrants a bit more concern and vigilence.

I'm very aware of some of the loose cannons that dot Maine's landscape, many of them heavily armed, and given the necessary means for motivation, could pose significant danger to individuals that don't subscribe to their twisted ideology.

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