Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Red Sox win staves off Armageddon

What do you do on a Monday night when the world seems to be crumbling around you and financial markets have yet to find a bottom? Do you spend your evening in the land of tinfoil hats and reports of Armageddon? Hell No! You tune in to watch the good guys, the Boston Red Sox.

[Jed Lowrie rounds first after game-winning hit (Boston Globe/Jim Davis photo)]

This year's team, for some, was destined to be a disappointment. No more Manny being Manny, man, or Schilling and his bloody sock. Big Papi is in uniform, but hasn't been much of a factor. Lowell's gone, and Beckett's obviously not himself.

Who do you turn to in troubled times? Jon Lester, a cancer survivor and the de facto ace of the Sox staff, that's who. And how about Mr. Canadian, Jason Bay, who every night brings his lunch pail to the park and plays every game like it's do or die. Like a Brian Daubach, sans the hole in his bat, Bay's won over Boston's fans in a brief period of time and made Manny's departure a minor issue (except for people like Bill Simmons).

The Dow may fall further, and who knows if we'll have a banking system come Friday night when the Sox head south to meet up with the Satan-less Rays. I'm going to savor these games because when all hell is breaking loose around you, there's something comforting about the methodical pace of playoff baseball.

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