Saturday, October 25, 2008

Finding a silver lining

Getting outside ourselves is good. It helps us to understand that reality is much bigger than us. It also helps to understand that most of us have little affect on things like elections, presidential candidates, and stock markets. Yet, I've been focusing much of my energy in those directions of late. Because of that, I've become increasingly cynical--which has found its way into my writing/posting of late, on this blog.

Don't worry; I haven't suddenly embraced the cult of Pollyanna. However, I think I'm done with Horserace 2008. Whoever wins won't affect my day-to-day reality in any significant way, regardless of what media pundits, talk show hosts, or the Chamber of Commerce tells me, which is basically, vote McCain, and vote Republican, like a good little business drone.

Beginning Wednesday, I decided to forego any form of news/talk radio during my drives up/down I-95. Relying on a combination of assorted CDs in my car, some college radio (when I could pick it up), and some WBACH, I ended the week on a high note. Some of that may have been seeing the fruits of my labor, and the realization that I'm making some small difference for others, but I think a portion of my glass half full ending to the week had to do with a decision to stop the flow of negative information.

I'll check back with you soon and let you know how its working.

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