Thursday, July 03, 2008

Fearing fear itself

"The fearmongers of both sides offer no solutions, they just want us to crouch in our foxholes and be scared."
[Comments posted on the The Smirking Chimp blog]

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.
[FDR-from his first inaugural address, March 1933]

Americans are panicked. Maybe it's the 24/7 drumbeat of the doom and gloom, mainstream media, hoping that the citizenry will succumb to its bludgeoning.

Sadly, our lack of historical perspective seems to make it worse. Oil is high, gas is expensive, but at least we're not limited to buying it on odd, or even-numbered days, depending on what number your license plate ended with.

I'm planning on enjoying Independence Day, with the people I care about. I'm happy to have a new book out that's selling. My appearance on the 207 program validates my efforts on the writing and publishing side. My daytime gig is bearing fruit and I'm making a difference in helping people begin to empower their own lives.

I've never been a big fan of flag waving, or chest-thumping patriotism, but I'm going to hang out the red, white, and blue at the compound, and enjoy some deserved downtime, and offer my own silent "thanks" for the opportunities still available in America.


Anonymous said...

Her, hear!

I was just thinking that I was not going to let "The Media" control my outlook on life anymore!


Jim said...

Don't worry; be happy!

Or something similar.

Everything's 'gonna be alright--the great Obama will save us all!!