Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Show some leadership, or just shut up!

See Nancy—leader of the party that should have been an opposition, but instead, acted as water-carriers for the war party. Now Nancy, in a seat of power, says her airplane is too small and abuses power, because we all know that power corrupts, but in your case, you were already corrupted.

For years, your party should have spoken truth to power, but instead, just acquiesced. Duped liberal lemmings think somehow that your party, derived from Jefferson and Jackson, can really make a difference? Not a dime’s worth of difference, because when your party should have been speaking truth to power, you just acquiesced. Still you insist that your privileged queen somehow is wronged by false reports. Shame on you!!

Now, talking out both sides of your mouth, you say that the war is unjustified, although you’ve voted to support it and send billions to another land, when we have needs unmet, here at home.

Don’t talk to me about two-party systems and save your pseudo-journalistic breath with your liberal vs. conservative BS—I’m not buying no mo’.

Liberal spin-machine soft-pedals and justifies what they demonize for their foes--just politics as usual inside the beltway.

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