Sunday, October 01, 2006

Right-wing people are better than left-wing people...

The other morning, while driving down to the Get and Go, Durham's one and only store where you can buy gas for your mower, I happened to hear a caller on a Saturday morning talk show, bloviating about our war criminal president.

“George Bush is a man of integrity. He’s restored dignity to the office of president. Unlike Clinton, he’s a leader and follows his convictions, like staying the course in Iraq.”

As I drove back home, for my three hour weekly aerobic workout, called mowing my lawn, I contemplated the level of delusion that is required for people like this caller, to keep all their ideological balls in the air. This phenomenon isn’t unique to one end of the political spectrum, either.

While it’s easy for me and many others, who have a visceral dislike and even hatred for George Bush, having his presidency foisted upon us for the past eight years, particularly galling in that a clear case could be made that he wasn’t legitimately elected, there are many folks who support Democrats unconditionally, willing to overlook clear violations of their party’s “code of honor.”

Having said that, to listen to many on the right, twist themselves with pretzel logic, to support their flag-waving, “I’m more patriotic than you, you fucking liberal commie, ‘cause I’m a Republican and you support terrorists” way of parsing politics does grow a tad weary, at times.

Maybe I just don’t want to support the “wah on terrah,” torture, a $30 billion boondoggle, called the reconstruction of Iraq, or even, right-wing cover-ups of on of their perverts by the “party of values.”

That doesn’t make me a bad person and it sure as hell doesn’t make me any less an American, just because I’ve never plastered a yellow ribbon (s), or a useless “support our troops” bumper sticker on my SUV (actually, I own an eight-year-old Taurus)!

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