Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Where was Manny?

Well, baseball’s snooze break, better-known as the annual all-star break for Major League baseball, is over. Actually, last night’s game wasn’t bad, as Michael Young was able to extend the junior circuit’s dominance over the so-called senior circuit, with his game winning-triple in the ninth inning.

In what might be the only recorded incidence of agreement between Bud Selig and me, the commissioner’s criticism of Manny Ramirez, for refusing to even show up in Pittsburgh, is warranted. While Manny may indeed be hurt, that doesn’t excuse him from at least acknowledging the fans who selected him to the all-star team. He didn’t have to suit up, but he could have been there. By not showing at all, he showed himself to be a pampered prima donna. While this may not come as a surprise, it is the fans who ultimately plunk down premium cake to watch Manny and his mates do battle at Fenway and elsewhere. The Boston faithful put up with alot from this supremely talented hitter. I don't understand why management didn't "encourage" him to make an appearance. The only explanation I have is that they take fan support for granted, just like #24. Manny being Manny? I don’t buy it—more like Manny being an asshole!

Random takes:

--My decision to dial down my intake of all things political is agreeing with me just fine. In fact, I’ve found a new guilty pleasure that more than makes up for my former intake of political talk radio.

--The Jim Rome Show, which airs daily from noon to three has become my summer replacement for the former political meanderings I used to imbibe. Rome’s show is smart, pertinent (at least to sports and often, other current events) and often makes me laugh my aaaasssss off! This beats elevated blood pressure and the constant Bush-bashing of Air America that I used to subject myself to.

--Perusing the morning sports section, I couldn’t help but notice that Maine’s stock car track of record, Oxford Plains Speedway, has none other than Allen’s Coffee Brandy as a sponsor of several of its racing series. Obviously, this local favorite furthers the stereotype of the typical racing fan. If you don’t know about Allen’s Coffee Brandy and certain segments of Maine’s populace, you can read about it here. Apparently the irony was lost on the folks who run the show at OPS. Maybe they can get a meth lab to sponsor a racing series next year?

--It looks like Barry Bonds may end up having to put off his pursuit of Hank Aaron, as he has some legal issues (can you say federal indictment?) that may prove more pressing. Too bad, Barry. I can't say I'm mustering much sympathy for your arrogant ways and tarnished assault on a record held by a man who personified class, as a player and an ambassador of the game.

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Joe said...

F-ing blogger! This is the second time in two days it's dumped something that I wrote before it was posted!

To summarize -

Not upset with Manny, would rather he take a break now than in August, the all star game is enough of a joke that they can take a break in the middle, it's overly corporate, Fox sucks, I'd just as soon have Manny take his summer break now.

Rome's OK, but only because all the other sports talk guys are idiots. He repeats himself so much that it's annoying, and his callers are even more annoying. Does a pretty good interview.

Politics - let's get out the vote to unseat Snowe.