Friday, July 28, 2006

Baseball throwbacks

I know that some of you enjoy my writing about local baseball and my adventures with the Twilight League. This year, I've limited my discussions about local baseball on this blog.

Some of you know that I also have a blog devoted mostly to writing, or writing-related topics. Since I'm writing a few articles about the Twilight League for The Forecaster again this summer, I took the liberty to post my most recent one over at Write in Maine.

The two men that I profile are very similar to the type of town team players that instilled in me my fascination for baseball, when I was seven, or eight-years-old. While these types of "throwbacks" are increasingly rare, they still exist and continue to fascinate me as a fan of the sport.

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Joe said...

Cool. Luke should be right in his prime at age 31, though I suppose playing against kids who started the season months earlier would be an equalizing factor.