Monday, March 13, 2006

With light from the sun

I hate leaving my blog unattended for too long. However, despite the hype that technology is portable, things happen and wi-fi connections are not as common as one might think. In addition, my lack of acumen using my wife's laptop had me neglecting to hit the switch activating my wi-fi reception, or I would have had a post up, Saturday.

Seeing that it's March, we find ourselves once more, basking in the surreal sunshine of Florida, catching the Wheaton baseball version of spring training, this year located in Port Charlotte.

While I'll spare readers all the interesting details, at least for now, I'll list a few thoughts/items that I've enjoyed since flying out, last Thursday.

Good Books (Jonathan Franzen, Jacob Slichter)
Baum's going 2-4, with two well-stroked doubles
Englewood Beach (Despite a $68.50 parking ticket)
A stylin' villa, replete with a daily visit from an alligator who roams the canal out back
The opportunity to do some writing purely for the sake of writing

In my way of thinking, a good vacation allows the opportunity for relaxation and some downtime from technology and the ever-present invasion of television, computers and cell phones. Despite this nod to the microchip, I've been pretty much "disconnected" from much of the chatter of post-modern life. Amazingly, the world still rolls on.

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