Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Fear wins again!

USAPA II, unleashed on ordinary Americans

Despite all the feigned concern over renewal of USAPA (USA Patriot Act), when it came time to vote, most of our elected officials knuckled under. A few representatives held firm and refused to go along for the ride, such as Russ Feingold (and Maine’s own Reps. Allen and Michaud), but Bush and his fascist tendencies once again received the validation and support of his minions and the supposed opposition.

Over the past year, or more, one of the few voices of real outrage (not the entertainment-driven, counterfeit kind of most talk jocks) on the radio dial has been that of Air America’s Mike Malloy. Malloy, normally relegated to the late night shift at America’s only national progressive talk affiliate, has been subbing for Randi Rhodes, this past week. Rhodes, who occupies the coveted 3-6 slot, nationwide, is a firebrand in her own unique way. I was curious if Malloy, drawn out of the shadows of late night radio, would tone his rhetoric down. Au contraire! He’s been his usual, caustic self, lambasting the “Bush crime family” for all of America to hear. I’m sure there are a few surprised Air America listeners shaking their heads and scandalized by Mike’s use of the term “sons of a bitches” (of which he’s apologized several times, forgetting the young tikes in the mini-vans of America, being transported by soccer moms, at this time of day).

The easy passage of USAPA goes right along with what people like Malloy, columnists (and bloggers) such as Josh Marshall and of course, Counterpunch and many other true progressive and alternative media outlets have been warning about. The steady erosion of civil liberties and freedoms, fueled by fear, all in the name of fighting terror is a bogus construct, but as I’ve touched upon of late, is virtually blacked out by mainstream news. As a result, most Americans happily run about their miserable little lives, given to purchasing the latest big screen HD TV, oblivious to the dismantling of their country, one liberty at a time.

If you can’t stay up late, then do yourself a favor and tune in today and tomorrow, before they send Malloy back to his usual isolated spot, late nights on Air America. If nothing else, you’ll actually see someone who doesn’t resort to irony and the 20-something catchphrase of “whatever” to deal with the crypto-fascists run amok in our land. He’s pissed, unapologetic and determined to slap some sense into as many people as he can. He doesn’t sugarcoat it, or promise a happy ending, either. He’s not an entertainer; he’s what talk radio used to be, back before drug addicts like Limbaugh, pretty boys like Hannity and serial gropers the likes of O’Reilly, polluted the public airwaves. It's a shame there isn't a way to get him on even more stations. Of course, Clear Channel and other corporate media whores aren't going to allow the likes of Malloy and other progressives a wider hearing. Conservatives derive great glee in taunting progressives about their lack of access, but I think it speaks volumes about the state of media and the selling of America, and how the FCC has turned over our airwaves to right-wing rogues.

This will probably be my last salvo for a bit, as I’ll be away from regular internet access for much of the next week. I’ll try to throw something up, if I can, but I’m not making any promises.


Anonymous said...

So it's okay for you to go "ga-ga" over your liberal attack dog, Malloy, but conservatives can't listen to Limbaugh and Hannity?

Liberal hypocrite!!

Jim said...

Due to my shaky wi-fi connection, I'll leave off with a lengthy explanation of the difference.

The fact that you posted anonymously also lessens the urgency to which I feel compelled to explain myself.