Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Pouring salt in the wound

In another example of the professional media getting it wrong--which is happening with ever-increasing frequency--distraught families had to deal with the latest buzzword bandied about--"miscommunication."

In one of the best quotes from an article in Editor and Publisher, the Poynter Institute's Scott Libin wrote, "This case reminds us of a lesson we learned, at least in part, from Hurricane Katrina: Even when plausibly reliably sources such as officials pass along information, journalists should press for key details....If we believe that when your mama says she loves you, you should check it out, surely what the mayor or police chief or governor says deserves at least some healthy skepticism and verification. I understand how emotion and adrenaline and deadlines affect performance. That does not excuse us from trying to do better."

I can only imagine what these emotionally wrung out families must be feeling right now.

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David Wells said...

I agree completely.