Monday, January 30, 2006

Going with the flow

And then you have the cowards on the other side of the aisle, the "loyal" opposition party, urging against a filibuster.

Forgive the source, but the pickings are slim on links. ('Gotta love how the copy editor at the local Fox station spelled "A-B-C " and then made sure to phonetically represent Barack Obama's name--as if the morons who get their news there need as much help as they can).

For a guy knighted by progressives as a possible hope in 2008, Obama is turning out to be not much more than a silent fart in church.

While Kennedy and Kerry are fighting a losing battle, I'd at least have a bit more respect for Democrats if a few more went down swinging, rather than planting another Judas kiss on the backside of their base.

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Constant said...

Yes, it's time to keep swinging. This is th eplan on the filibuster that the RNC doesn't want to talk about -- and they're removing it from the public discussion.

The RNC is afraid, very afraid. Perhaps you can pass it to others -- let them know -- there is a proposed filibuster plan, and great reasons to filibuster/have an open debate on issues the RNC doesn't want to talk about.

Best wishes!